• Our Emphasis

    As an OHSAS 18001: 2007 certified company, we consider safety as our traditions. Since beginning safety & training have been a top priority in the company. Our strategy of no compromise on safety and proper training of our men gave us good mileage in gaining the confidence of customers. Leaving nothing to chance we believe it is essential that all our personnel adhere to strict safety guidelines and undergo extensive training. Every member of Saudi Hydro operation undergoes frequent in-house safety awareness and refreshment programs which enable us to handle the jobs in a safety way.

  • Our Emphasis
    Planning and Scheduling

    Two of the most challenging and significant components involved in realizing projects that succeed are planning the project including resourcing and scheduling, Our efficient team of planners and schedulers are capable of meeting the client requirement in such a way contributing to increased productivity of trades people, meeting the schedule and budget, reduced equipment downtime and avoiding rework.

  • Our Emphasis

    Saudi Hydro understand that provision of quality services require the active participation of the entire crew and management. It is our vision that guides the organization in its overall quality mission statement. The company management team implements the company quality objectives throughout all operations, based on ISO 9001: 2015 regulations and guidelines. In order to ensure quality, we utilize developed proven procedures and a full-fledged team to ensure consistent and standardized operations throughout the organization.

  • Our Emphasis

    The core responsibility of our project management is the successful execution of a project, within the estimated budget, time and quality standards. But, though time and quality might be of equal importance in the life cycle of a project, nothing can move forward without the necessary amount of money and that requires a well-planned and properly estimated budget.
    Our project management and estimation team, comprehend the importance of cost estimation and budgeting from the very initial phases of a project. At Saudi Hydro, our efficient team stress on the importance of budgeting in project management, committing to meet the client requirement and avoiding any fiscal impact to the client.

About Us

About Us

With a track record of past three decades Saudi Hydro leads its operation in the field of industrial service for plant maintenance and support services providing to oil and gas, petrochemical industries. Saudi Hydro’s primacy in plant shutdown and maintenance is met, confirming to safe execution, quality of work and consistent in delivering results under tight schedules. We have a performance history of cost reduction for our clients whilst working closely with them to achieve considerable service improvements. Read more...




Reliable Leadership In

We carry out various types of maintenance shutdowns, on schedule and to the highest standards. Clear control over work safety, clarity of operations control and responsibilities, efficient utilization and control of the maintenance staff’s resources, flexible control of work, and clear and immediate feedback practices, all guarantee a successful and accident-free annual maintenance process.

Inherited Excellence In

Special services require special skills and knowledge. Our special and unique service range helps in accomplishing critical activities like Hydro cold cutting, Hydro demolition of concrete, De-commissioning of hydrocarbon vessels etc. Our vast experience and knowledge in the field contribute to handling such critical jobs safely, timely and with highest quality, confirming to standards.

  1. Testimonials

    "Saudi Aramco WR Terminal Maintenance Division take this opportunity to appreciate Saudi Hydrodynamics for the successful and safe completion of bottom plates cutting of Rabigh 1Million BBL. Tank F-56T-01 using Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Cold cutting during shutdown."

    Mohammad M Al-Hazmi, Superintendent, WR Terminal Division, Yanbu

  2. Testimonials

    "We wholeheartedly appreciate the team of Saudi Hydrodynamics for their outstanding performance and the successful completion of maintenance activity in First Pass of Boiler Unit 01 during shutdown."

    Mohammed Abu Haiah, Plant General Manager, SQIWPP, Shuqaiq

  3. Testimonials

    "Saudi Aramco would like to appreciate Saudi Hydrodynamics Co. Ltd for their valuable contribution for the safe and successful completion of major T&I of ShGP GT-4."

    Yasser. M Al-Yahya, ShGP Maintenance Superintendent, Shedgum.

  4. Testimonials

    "Highly appreciate the excellent High-Pressure Water Jet Cold Cutting job (Removal/ Repair of the Bottom Plate of Upper CHSU at the Leaked Well Head) accomplished at KARAN-45, successfully, safely and timely, for Saudi Aramco Drilling Department.

    Saudi Aramco admire Saudi Hydrodynamic Co. Ltd.’s ingenuity in creating that outstanding performance, duties, responsibilities and prodigious knowledge about the job.

    Thanks to Saudi Hydrodynamics Co. Ltd.’s leadership and dedication combined with your staff’s teamwork, safety awareness and energy. Saudi Hydro and the team should take great pride in this accomplishment."

    Donald Whiteside, Sr. Drilling Foreman/ Saudi Aramco Drilling.

  5. Testimonials

    "Sadaf appreciates Saudi Hydrodynamics for their great effort in successfully carrying out the hydro cold cutting of 27E6 header line as per the requirement and specification safely and sufficiently."

    K.M Al-Gannam, Maintanence Superintendent Sadaf, Jubail

  6. Testimonials

    "The management of SQIWPP would like to appreciate Saudi Hydrodynamics for their high level professional contribution to SQIWPP’s medium overhauling of MHI Power Units."

    Mufarreh Sharafi, Plant General Manager, SQIWPP, Shuqaiq.

  7. Testimonials

    "The EOEG/ LAO Maintenance Department appreciates Saudi Hydrodynamics for their excellent performance in Mechanical Works and Successful and safe completion of the EOEG2 Plant emergency shutdown."

    Adel Al-Roeshedy, Mechanical Section Head, EOEG/ LAO Maintenance Department, United, Jubail.

  8. Testimonials

    "We appreciate Saudi Hydrodynamics crew and management in for their excellent and efficient completion HPS (Hugh Pressure Separator) cleaning without man entry by using the advanced 3D nozzle, safely in EVA-LDPE plant Sipchem."

    Abdullah S Al-Hatlani, Manager, Maintenance Polymers and Workshop, Sipchem, Jubail.



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