Hydro Demolition of Bridges, Foundations, Floors Using Robotic Technology

Hydro demolition is an efficient and favorite means of removing delaminated or unsound concrete from structure all over the world

One of the main reason for this is that the high pressure jetting techniques available today are much more efficient and economical than conventional chipping 

  • The Hydro-demolition method of concrete removal is non-vibration and does not affect existing structure, unlike other conventional methods such as jack hammering etc.
  • No damage to existing reinforcement, leaving a perfect skeletal frame to replace the new concrete on to. ? No micro or macro cracks develop during demolition.
  • Hydro demolition leaves the existing concrete surface with perfect bond criteria, which is ideal for replacing new concrete materials such as shotcrete mix, premixed flow able materials or conventional concrete pouring.
  • No airborne dust or contaminates like other conventional method of demolition.
  • It is also possible to cut right through the concrete and reinforcement to varying depth using water abrasive cold cutting system. It will be an optional solution in many situations for instance where there is a risk of explosion

Saudi Hydro employs many methods of hydro demolition had held jetting lances to advanced robotic systems. We will design our own systems to suit your needs and we have the necessary experience for determining the right methods for the client.