Safety & Policy

At Saudi Hydro safety is not by accident it’s our traditions. Since beginning safety & training have been a top priority in the company. Our strategy of no compromise on safety and proper training of our men gave us good mileage in gaining the confidence of customers. Leaving nothing to chance we believe it is essential that all our personnel adhere to strict safety guidelines and undergo extensive training. Every member of Saudi Hydro operation undergoes frequent in-house safety awareness and refreshment programs which enable us to handle the jobs in a safety way.

We consider Enlightening, Guiding, Exercise, Supervision, Reporting, and Rectifying as our foundation for the effective safety practice.

“Saudi Hydro stands behind the development, implementation and maintenance of an upto date safety and health program consist with what we believe to be the best establishment management practice in a sincere effort to prevent the pain, suffering and economic losses attributes to accidents. This program will not take precedence over the workplace safety and health Act or Regulation under this Act.

We realize that accident prevention is a shared responsibility and on order to achieve our goal all employees must take the responsibility to work together in identifying, eliminating or controlling the hazards present in our work Environment. Through consciences contribution and continuous wholehearted support, we can, and will improve our safety performance and assure a healthier, happier and more secure future all concerned.”