Process pipe work in industry becomes corroded, scaled up or even totally blocked which reduces plant efficiency, even stopping production. A range of pressures between 500 & 3000bar can be used to clean pipes, depending on the type of deposit but 1000bar is a useful performance for a variety of cleaning tasks. Saudi hydro is specialized in providing services in the pipeline construction sector as well.

Activities Covered

  • Cleaning Services.
    • Hydro jetting
    • Aqua milling.
    • RDR cleaning.
    • 3D Nozzle cleaning.
    • Chemical cleaning/ Decontamination.
    • Drying to dew point level.
    • Pipeline pigging
    • Pickling and passivation
    • Oil /water flushing
  • Leak testing
  • Inspections
  • Pre-Commissioning.
    • Flushing & Cleaning, Hydro Testing, High pressure water flushing, pigging & drying, nitrogen purging & preservation of line etc.
    • Steam blowing