Hydraulic Bolt Torqueing & Tensioning

Saudi Hydro incorporates the latest and most effective techniques available to prevent the failure of bolted joints in your plant or facility. Whether a planned or unplanned outage, you can feel confident that you have the very best on-site services to ensure leak-free start-up of such critical assemblies as pipe flanges, turbines, reactors, vessel man-ways, compressors, and heat exchangers.

We take customer requirements into consideration when determining the absolute best methods to perform our specialty services. Our services are tailored to your specific requirements and performed with the utmost attention to safe, functional, reliable, and efficient execution.

Saudi hydro experienced technicians and turnkey services get projects completed quickly and efficiently. Continuous-Turning High-Speed Pneumatic Torque wrenches are up to 20 times faster than traditional tools, which decrease your turnaround time and save you money.