Saudi Hydro’s automatic tank cleaning technology removes deposits including hardened materials from tank internal walls at pressures of up to 15,000 psi. The units operate using the power of high pressure water so no other energy sources or extra cleaning materials are necessary. The wide range of nozzles are with various lengths and shapes that enable the cleaners to be use for many applications. Units can be fitted with one or two arms.

Because entry into vessels can be tricky or hazardous, we use 3-D water blast nozzles high volume pump that can eliminate the need to "go in". This technology rotates two jets of water at 90 degrees to each other, to fully clean an entire vessel. This makes the jobsite far less complicated, because there is no need for a hole watch or to have rescue personnel on standby during the operation.

The nozzle arms rotate due to the reaction force of the water jets emitting from the nozzles mounted at each end. This rotation motion is transferred via a built-in drive and reduction gear which in turn, rotates the cleaner around its axis. By rotating on two axes, the water jets can reach all parts of the tank interior. Speed of rotation is controlled by an adjustable induction brake magnet.