A heat exchanger is a critical component in many processes. Saudi Hydro provides methods that enable a large extent of on site maintenance, inspection and cleaning with minimal reaching time. Pro-active measurements implemented on entire systems help prevent down time and will ensure system integrity between planned maintenance and inspection intervals.

Saudi Hydro can perform all operations inits own workshops. When responsible for a complete overhaul, the heat exchanger is returned fully documented to the client once ready.

Activities Covered

  •  Blind to blind isolation
  •  Bundle pulling service (Truck mounted and Aerial Bundle puller)
  •  Cleaning services.
  •  Repairs and Fabrication.
    •  Re-tubing
    •  Welding
    •  Grinding
    •  Blasting
    •  Coating
    •  Plugging
  •  Leak testing
  •  Inspections
  •  Bolt torquing & Tensioning
  •  Flange Facing