Ultra High pressure water blasting is simply the most productive, economical way to achieve the surface you need for good coating adhesion, while fully respecting the environment.

Saudi hydro’s water jetting quickly removes coatings, rust, and other tough adherents without the hazards of grit blasting. The resulting surface meets all recognized standards (including the WJ-1 or “white metal” specification of NACE No. 5 and SSPCSP-12, and SIS Sa-3).

Water jetting is also the only way to meet the SC-2 standard for removing soluble salts, which hamper adhesion and often lead to coating failure. During grit blasting, these salts are often trapped in cavities within the metal. But ultra-high pressure (up to 40,000 psi, or 2,800 bar) water jetting cleans deeply enough to prevent these invisible “corrosion cells” from forming, and even restores the surface’s original profile.

Saudi Hydro’s advanced remote system also gives the productivity of grit blasting without the expense, hazards and clean-up problems. Its vacuum recovery feature not only simplifies disposal, but leaves a clean, dry surface — free of flash rusting and ready to recoat.