Cleaning of a very wide range of surfaces and materials can be done using water at high pressure. High working efficiency and at the same time a high level of safety for the user are achieved when combined with innovative accessories. Water-insoluble substances such as oils, dispersions or mineral paints as well as stubborn deposits are broken up, loosened and carried away by the high water pressure.

Saudi Hydro offers a wide range of high pressure and ultra-high pressure cleaning and allied activities with skill and experience. Our custom designed accessories and tools combined together to achieve any difficult cleanings or de-blocking of exchanger tubes and pipelines etc.

Wide range of high pressure water jet pumps to cater unmatched speed, effective and safe cleaning for the below stationary equipment’s 

  • Heat exchanger tube internal cleaning
  • Fin fan external cleaning
  • Tube bundle cleaning
  • Column internal cleaning
  • Vessel, drums and tanks internal cleaning
  • Sludge removal and Floor cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • Blocked tube cleaning by using both flexi lance and automatic rigid lancing up to 30000 to 40000 psi pressure rating.
  • Internal pipeline cleaning/de-blocking polymer removal by using high pressure high volume pump 480 HP flow 50-60 USG /minute to remove hard chocked polymers,cocks and hard scales etc.