Aqua Milling Services for Pipelines and De-Blocking Of Tubes

Over time pipes and tubes used to carry process may become blocked by due to the residual deposits, process errors or formation of sediment, which may lead to plant shutdown. In such a critical situation Saudi hydro can offer the most effective technology for clearing the pipes or tubes using the aqua milling methodology.

Aqua Milling is a specialized internal pipe cleaning method using high density impact of water without additives. Aqua milling has proven to be the most efficient method to remove hard scales/deposits/foreign materials, which are trapped inside the pipelines. Saudi Hydro can provide the most effective cleaning using our HVHP pumps which can deliver up to 198 liters/ min at 15,000 psi of discharge pressure. These high volume high pressure pumps contributed the major part in our successful stories in the past decades.

Taking the aqua milling technology to a lighter scale, Saudi hydro can clean/ deblock any blocked tubes of varying sizes. For the deblocking of tubes, the amount of discharge from the high pressure pump is reduced and the discharge pressure is raised. Whatever be the nature of the deposits inside the tubes, whether it is loose, sticky or hard as rock, Saudi hydro can tackle any such conditions using our various power packs ranging from 10,000 psi to 30,000 psi.