Vacuuming Services and Waste Disposal

Our High Airflow Vacuum machines are highly specialized vehicles capable of uplifting and handling solids, liquids, sludge’s, dry powders and filter media. High airflow vacuum tankers enhance productivity and increase speed and efficiency in industrial applications, spill clearance and following road traffic indicates.

Our vacuum tankers can move material from vertical depths of up to 45 meters and horizontal distances in excess of 150 meters. This can completely eliminate the need for man entry, or reduce confined space entry into tanks and vessels Saudi Hydro in conjunction with our partner firm has vast experience in treatment and disposal of solid and hazardous wastes.

The firm is a registered contractor with Saudi Aramco/ Sabic in handling and disposing of hazardous waste covering an area of 250,000 M2 facility which is certified by Presidency of Meteorology and Environmental (PME) for hazardous waste disposal management.