Saudi Hydro is able to clean tanks and vessels from outside without the need to send operatives into these confined areas. Our advanced nozzle positioning technology ensures that the water jet (up to 30K psi) is focused therefore becoming a most effective cleaning.

Activities Covered

  • Isolation of the system.
  • Product transfer using special piping & vacuuming system.
  • Sludge removal & disposal.
  • Cleaning service.
  • Hydro jetting.
  • Chemical cleaning/Decontamination.
  • 3D Nozzle cleaning.
  • Automatic flushing unit.
  • Nitrogen purging.
  • Vacuuming Sludge
  • Depletion, Transfer and Cleaning
  • Repair of bottom plates and floating roof.
  • Cold cutting with hazard free hydro cutting method.
  • Demolition of tank by Hydro cold cutting Technology
  • Inspections