In situations where a risk of hydrocarbons being present rules out any hot cutting, Saudi Hydro have the absolute safest method of hydrocold cutting where water acts as the cutting tool.

We have been providing high precision hydrocold cutting services for the past two decades in the kingdom, which is the safest, faster, accurate, environmentally friendly, and that contribute to the unaltered metallurgical properties of the material due to heat generation, when compared to other conventional methods. Cold cutting is often used for the demolition of plant facilities, providing access to tanks and columns, removing refractory; both internal and external, concrete cutting and scrabbling. It is highly effective for cutting steel, composites, and almost any other hard material.

Advantages of Hydro Cold Cutting 

  • Water jet cold cutting method is fast, safe, and efficient and this will help in reducing exposure of Pyrophoric contents while cutting to the air, when cutting pipe lines contain Pyrophoric/ Flammable contents
  • Since no flames are used and no sparks are produced, potentially hazardous lines do not need to be LEL-free; and hence there is no risk of combustion.
  • The changes in the metallurgical properties of the material due to the generation of heat in conventional hot and cold cutting is not caused in hydro cold cutting.
  • This method is the safest way to cut metallic pipes & structures including tanks & vessels in the hydro carbon industries.
  • Remotely operated from distance.
  • Ability to cut out-of-round pipe.
  • Can cut out existing welds with minimal (only 1/8 in.) material loss