Saudi Hydro offers a full range of column and vessel maintenance services to the refining, petrochemical and power sectors. We repair and maintain all types of vessels and columns and ensure that equipment is reinstated for safe and efficient use in the shortest possible time.

Saudi Hydro subject matter experts are trained to operate in confined spaces using breathing apparatus and jetting equipment. Our resources are fully qualified and trained for below mentioned activities.

Activities Covered

  •  Blind to blind isolation
  •  De-sludging
  •  Cleaning services.
  •  Hydro Jetting
  •  Aqua milling and 3D Nozzle cleaning
  •  Chemical cleaning
  •  Automatic flushing unit
  •  Welding repairs for shell and internals
  •  Trays, packing and internals removal and replacement
  •  Replacement internals needs from our global manufacturing network
  •  Bolt torqueing & Tensioning
  •  Flange Facing
  •  Cold cutting with hazard free hydro cutting method
  •  Inspections