Our experienced crew with the automated bundle pulling equipment can pull the most obstinate tube exchanger units from the shell, transport it to the wash bay and finally push the bundle back into the shell once the maintenance is complete, giving our customers a double saving in maintenance costs.

Truck Mounted Bundle Puller

Our truck mounted type of bundle extractor is well designed to extract and reinstall the tube bundle without the support of crane and is able to transport the bundles to the cleaning bay.

Capacity    :     25.0 T

Height range    :     0.5m to 7.0m

Max length of exchanger    :     6.5 m

Max diameter of exchanger    :     1.8 m

Aerial Mounted Bundle Puller

Our suspended bundle puller is the best choice where the exchanger is located at height and the tube bundle weight and size is more.

Capacity    :     55.0 T

Max length of exchanger    :     10.0 m

Max diameter of exchanger    :     3.0 m