Heat Exchanger Maintenance

A heat exchanger is a critical component in many processes. Saudi Hydro provides methods that enable a large extent of onsite maintenance, inspection and cleaning with minimal reaching time. Pro-active measurements implemented on entire systems help prevent down time and will ensure system integrity between planned maintenance and inspection intervals.

Columns, Vessels & Drums

Saudi Hydro offers a full range of column and vessel maintenance services to the refining, petrochemical and power sectors. We repair and maintain all types of vessels and columns and ensure that equipment is reinstated for safe and efficient use in the shortest possible time.

Tank /Oil Sump Pit Cleaning

Saudi Hydro is able to clean tanks and vessels from outside without the need to send operatives into these confined areas. Our advanced nozzle positioning technology ensures that the water jet (up to 30K psi) is focused therefore becoming a most effective cleaning.

Pipeline Cleaning

Process pipe work in industry becomes corroded, scaled up or even totally blocked which reduces plant efficiency, even stopping production. A range of pressures between 500 & 3000bar can be used to clean pipes, depending on the type of deposit but 1000bar is a useful performance for a variety of cleaning tasks.

Chemical Cleaning & Decontamination

Saudi Hydro chemical services provide efficient cost-effective cleaning to the industrial sector, minimizing production downtime and extending the life of your asset without any high-risk and in a safe manner.

Vacuuming Services

Our High Airflow Vacuum machines are highly specialized vehicles capable of uplifting and handling solids, liquids, sludge’s, dry powders and filter media. High airflow vacuum tankers enhance productivity and increase speed and efficiency in industrial applications, spill clearance and following road traffic indicates.

Aqua Milling Services

Over time pipes and tubes used to carry process may become blocked by due to the residual deposits, process errors or formation of sediment, which may lead to plant shutdown. In such a critical situation Saudi hydro can offer the most effective technology for clearing the pipes or tubes using the aqua milling methodology.

Hydro Jetting Services

Cleaning of a very wide range of surfaces and materials can be done using water at high pressure. High working efficiency and at the same time a high level of safety for the user are achieved when combined with innovative accessories. Water-insoluble substances such as oils, dispersions or mineral paints as well as stubborn deposits are broken up, loosened and carried away by the high water pressure.

Bundle Pulling Services

Our experienced crew with the automated bundle pulling equipment can pull the most obstinate tube exchanger units from the shell, transport it to the wash bay and finally push the bundle back into the shell once the maintenance is complete, giving our customers a double saving in maintenance costs.

Hydraulic Bolt Torqueing

Saudi Hydro incorporates the latest and most effective techniques available to prevent the failure of bolted joints in your plant or facility. Whether a planned or unplanned outage, you can feel confident that you have the very best on-site services to ensure leak-free start-up of such critical assemblies as pipe flanges, turbines, reactors, vessel man-ways, compressors, and heat exchangers.

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning

Pre-commissioning is the series of processes carried out on the pipeline before the finalproduct is introduced. The objective of pre-commissioning is to ensure that the pipeline aswell all the facilities have been completed according to the Project Specifications and thatcommissioning and operation will take place safely and effectively.Saudi Hydro provides the complete suite of pipeline pre commissioning services under asingle project management team in order to provide enhanced safety, quality and scheduleperformance on any project.