Saudi Hydrodynamics Company is a Company that is an expert in Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance service since 1994. Through Years of experience and commitment SHC has extended to provide Mechanical Maintenance and Repair services to our valued clients during plant Turnaround Shutdowns, T&I, Tie-Ins etc.

Since the commencement of our operations; we carried out several long term and short term projects including turn around plant Shutdowns in SABIC affiliates such as PETROKEMYA, SADAF, UNITED, IBN RUSHD, KEMYA, SHARQ, IBN-ZAHR, SAFCO & IBN-BAYTAR and Saudi Aramco, various Refiners, Gas Plant, NGL Plants etc. In addition SAMREF, SASREF, SWCC, SEC, SIPCHEM, SAUDI CHEVRON, MA’ADEN, YANPET, KENTZ, HANWHA, SAACO, MMG etc;

Saudi Hydrodynamics Company provides Mechanical Maintenance and repair services of Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Fin Fans, Columns, Vessels, Drums and Pipelines and Hydro Jetting/Blasting services for the same too etc. Our unique rang of service allowed us to offer with highly experienced and total quantity workman ship to our valuable clients in several SABIC affiliates.

Also, we offer our expertise in Electro Mechanical, Civil and E&I Construction and Maintenance activities.

LINE OF BUSINESS:Turnaround/Shutdown, Hydro Jetting/Blasting, Hydro Cutting, Hydro Demolition in Concrete Repair, Chemical Cleaning, Bundle Pulling Services, Pipeline Services, Pre-Commissioning, Tank Cleaning & Maintenance, Construction;
        • Civil
        • Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection
        • Mechanical & Piping
        • HVAC & Ducting
Bolt Tensioning, Handling & Disposal of Pyrophoric waste Contained System
C.R. NO:2050040281
Aramco Contractor No:10006222
SATORP Vendor No :11052
SABIC services ltd. Vendor no.:502406
Saudi Electricity Vendor No:5000550
SASREF’s Service Vendor No:1002481
Saudi CHEVRON Vendor No:125904
Sipchem Vendor No :101147
TASNEE Vendor No :102108
Gulf Farabi Vendor No:101780
Advance Petroleum Co Vendor No:100768
SWCC Vendor No:3514

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